Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fun! Fun! Minigolf touch review

Fun! Fun! Minigolf touch is a very enjoyable game. You start off with the America cup. But strangely you do not unlick the further cups by being good a the preveous cup, but by buying it in the shop.
You earn coins in cups. The better your shots are the more coins you get. But if you get a triple bogey you get no coins.
When you go to a cup you fly in a airplane.
The 3d in this game.... well you hardly notice it in comparison to other 3d games. The other graphics are VERY detailed though. There are butterflies flying and there is confetti and there are even airplanes, if you are at the right area at the right time. But the minigolf courses are pretty simple. I would have enjoyed some windmills or other things that exist in minigolf courses.
To personalise the game a bit you can unlock to play as your mii. There are also cool 8-bit sound effects you can buy in the store. The music is very relaxing.
The game can be controlled eather with the touch screen or the a button.
After the normal cups there are the pro cups and super cups.
The areas you always play in are America, Asia and Europe.
Fun! Fun! Minigolf touch costs 5 Euros in the nintendo e-shop.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Stay tuned for reviews!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nintendo wants us to pay more??

For the games New Art Academy and New Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo came up with add-ons that we can buy with our e-shop money.

For New Art Academy we can eventually buy add-on lessons.

My opinion: I got New Art Academy and was suprised and shocked at the same time. The suprised and happy part was, when I really needed something new to draw on the game I could buy one for hopefully not to much money. And the shocked part was, I do not really want to spend extra money on a game then I have to, unless it is something that looks really fun.

For New Super Mario Bros. 2 we can buy extra coin rush levels.

My opinion: I got this game a couple days ago and like the coin rush mode. It is very fun.
I like the idea of this, because isn`t the point we all play Mario games, because of all of the fun levels that are well designed. We do`nt get them because we want to save peach. ( nobody wants to save peach)

Angry Birds trilogy

If you know me, you would know that I love Angry Birds. So I was excited to make a review.
Because all I expected was Angry Birds fun!! Killing evil pigs that steal eggs.

 Angry Birds trilogy is one game with three games. Angry Birds, Angry Birds seasons and Angry Birds Rio. All are with exclusive new levels. The streetpass funktion is a little weird. You exchange Birdvoices?? I know it sounds funny, but it is funny. This game will give you lots of fun gameplay time.

The control with the circle pad is a little bit hard, so I perfer the touchscreen.
I can not think of much more to write because.. it`s Angry Birds.

But this game is worth buying

Games ( hopefully ) to be reviewed soon

Sorry for not posting for so long. But I have a reason. I am wishing all of the games that I want to review for Christmas and need to save money for the next games cooming out.

Well I will review Angry Birds trilogy next week.

Here is the list of games I ( hopefully ) will get and review for you:

Wii U deluxe bundle
New. Super Mario bros. U

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Professor Layton 5

The denpa men: they came by wave

Games coming out next year:

Animal crossing New Leaf
Luigi`s mansion 2
Wii fit U

Well stay tuned for some Angry Birds!!

And please place a comment that says if I should post videoreviews on Youtube!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Speed X 3d review

What I expected was mindblowing obstacles and fast speeds like from F-zero.
Well one thing is sure... you get it all.
If you have fast reflexes keep reading but if you are slow, save your money.
Now welcome to my shortest review ever. In speedX 3d you have to be fast with the circle pad, but not to fast or you will hear CRASH!! There are different modes. They are: Stages, endless, survival and zones. I think the names tell you all.
This game is a very fast tunnel racer. While you race a very interesting techno music plays.
The tunnel folds out into a landscape and the obstacles can look like tall buildings. They can come very sudden or you can see them from far away.The 3d in this game is pretty good, because the obtacles can come flying at you.